Graduation Yard Signs

With a yard sign from, you can celebrate back to school, announce outdoor activities, or share details about fundraisers. All yard signs are printed on weatherproof material that will not tear when exposed to the elements. It is less expensive to print with us because of our wholesale pricing. We distribute anywhere in the United States. Upload a print-ready file, design your own graduation sign with our FREE online tool, or choose Design Service and we'll do it for you!


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Thousands of school signs for the graduating class of 2021 have been produced by our organisation in collaboration with school districts and individuals. Here are a few more reasons why you would want to collaborate with us:

  • Big Quantity Discounts - When buying yard signs for your graduating students, take advantage of our steep quantity discounts, which can reach as high as 80%, depending on the amount you need!
  • Design Services for Free - Work with our team of expert graphic designers to get all of your files organised and ready to go. What's even better? We provide this service absolutely free of charge, no matter how much assistance you need! To get started, take a look at our free design services.
  • Next-Day Development - We understand that graduation is imminent, and you need your graduation yard sign as soon as possible. As a result, we deliver next-day development on all graduation signs, allowing you to get them up and running in no time.

SignBliss helps in making your graduation look the best

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the class of 2021 is shaping up to be one of the most unusual graduation classes in modern history. Schools have been closed, classes have been transferred online, and students' lives as they knew it had come to an end. We've all felt the impact of the COVID-19 virus in our lives, with almost all meetings and activities being cancelled or postponed, and graduation ceremonies are no exception. This does not preclude us from congratulating the class of 2021 on their achievements in high school and college!

Students, now more than ever, need guidance and affection from others. As a result, colleges, neighbourhoods, and families around the country have been posting posters, hanging banners, and expressing gratitude on social media to congratulate the entire class of 2021. With your own personalised graduation yard and party signs, flag, or poster, you may participate in the celebration of our 2021 graduates. Our signs can be completely customised to include personal messages, school names, videos, and more! Although the coronavirus has had a significant effect on many things, it cannot prevent us from expressing our support for others.

SIgnBliss offers you the bliss that you need.

Our face masks can be personalised with any style, enabling you to display the graduating class or individual directly on the mask. We have adult and youth sizes available, as well as free design services for a unique look. There is no minimum order, and we deliver quickly! Our masks are made of double-layered polyester with cloth straps, providing the ideal combination of comfort and durability, as well as being washable and easy to dry.

Graduation outdoor signs  and banners are a perfect way to show your future high school, college, or university graduate how proud you are of them for sticking it out and getting to the finish line! These banners and signs are ideal for decorating graduation parties or welcoming the graduate as they leave the ceremony. What's even better? They can be completely personalised with your graduate's name, photo, graduation year, school colours, and more at no additional cost.


Custom Design Signs

After you've got your customised graduation banner, the next step is to find out how and where you'll hang it. You're all set if you're planning on keeping it up for your graduation! All you'll need are a few extra hands. However, if you want to use it as a decoration, you'll need a way to hang it up. One of the most appealing aspects of designing a graduation banner with SignBliss is the opportunity to make a totally customised banner for your college or high school graduate.

Custom school sign design for educational institutions

Located in the heart of the Midwest, SignBliss is an online printing company that provides top-notch services, organized workspaces with exceptionally cheerful people. At SignBliss, we offer you a variety of signage for your custom school sign based on your educational institutions' needs and preferences. Whether it’s a graduation party, homecoming, or promo, we got it all covered for you to promote your school event with your school sign.

Benefits of using custom school signage

In recent times, many educational institutions have started using signs, banners, and backdrops as a part of their promotional strategy. Having signage expressed their unique identity, facilities being offered to students, teachers, and staff.